Water Chemistry Guidelines For Discus Fish

We all know that discus fish are probably the most sought after fish for aquariums. Their vibrant colour will truly please anybody who sees it swimming inside an aquarium. Nevertheless, prior to you attempting raising discus, it’s essential to know that they may be fairly tough to maintain particularly for individuals who are just beginning in this type of hobby.

You should keep in mind that discus fish are temperamental creatures that require unique care. They’re extremely sensitive with regards to water quality and also food quality. Water chemistry is among the most essential elements which you have to perfect whenever you are raising discus. With correct water chemistry, you are able to make sure which you can maintain your discus in a healthy manner.

As a discus owner, you should learn that you ought to test the water prior to each and every water change. This would make sure that the water chemistry is right for your discus to thrive or live in.

You should keep in mind that sudden alterations in water chemistry can ultimately result in high tension levels for discus fish. And, if your discus is continuously experiencing tension, they’ll be much more likely to contract an illness as well as die.

Tap water is full of chemicals which may be extremely harmful to discus. This is why it’s essential which you monitor the waters chemistry each and every time you change the water inside your discus fish aquarium.

In most parts of the country, chlorine and chloramine are added to water supplies. And, as you can see, chlorine is really a chemical that’s not great for discus. These days, you will easily find test kits which you can use to test the water to see if these chemicals are present and if so how much of it is present.


Water conditioning is the procedure of removing these chemicals from the water. This component is a very important factor in order for you to correctly care for your discus.

You also need to remember that the hardness and acidity of water is also an essential point. You should try to mimic the waters of the Amazon River in order for you to correctly care for your discus fish. A good indication would be to have an acidity level of pH 6 and also try to be a softer water.

These are the issues which you have to keep in mind whenever you are planning to have discus as pets. Please remember that water chemistry is extremely important whenever you are taking care of these kind of fish. They are an extremely sensitive breed and you need to make sure you give them the correct water chemistry in order for them to live comfortably inside your aquarium.

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